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Fast and effective dispute resolution based in Central London

At Justicia Mediation, we provide comprehensive and impartial mediation services to Central London and throughout the UK. Our fast and effective dispute resolution will keep you out of costly and time-consuming litigation. Get in contact with Justicia Mediation by clicking the button below

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Meet Our Mediation Team

Anu Massey

My passion is helping people solve their problems and always has been. What I find so exciting about the mediation process is facilitating and encouraging the people taking part, to come to their own solution to the problem.

Having been involved in the legal services profession for the last 25 years as a lawyer, litigating on a wide range of commercial and civil disputes, I have seen the landscape of resolution of disputes change in recent times to move away from the traditional route of issuing legal proceedings to enter the litigation process to resolve disputes, to more methods of dispute resolution.

Even the courts now are encouraging those involved in litigation to consider mediation because it is an effective way to find solutions for every kind of problem. I have always been a creative lawyer, thinking out of the box and finding ways to reduce the time and cost of litigation and where possible trying to settle cases. This approach is very much at the core principle of mediation.


So if you have found yourself in a stressful dispute which is costing you time and money and which is taking you away from the things that you really want to be spending your time on, give us at Justicia Mediation a call to help you resolve your problem.  


Areas that I can assist with:

Contractual civil and commercial disputes

Debt and insolvency problems

Community problems such as neighbourhood disputes

Couple disputes

Inheritance and Will disputes

Employment and workplace disputes

Tarek Abdalla

I began my career in the legal profession very early on in my working life. In the early part of my career, I worked as a specialist police officer. I was instrumental in justice being served to those who needed it the most, which then inspired me to become a public prosecutor in which position I served for more than 10 years. I am now a Judge and Head of Court, a role which I have carried out for more than 12 years. It has been my privilege to serve Justice in each one of my roles as law is my passion. Throughout each of my roles, my work has meant that I have developed keen communication skills. I have become a better listener and analyser of large of amounts of information in a short space of time.  In particular, as a result of my work as a Judge I have also developed other professional skills and tools such as being impartial and neutral, whilst having an eye for identifying what is important to parties in any case. This is a crucial in mediations.
Given the fact that mediation is about what I want to achieve not at the end of the day but is about your needs and interests and what you want to achieve from the mediation process. In my role as a mediator, I will always ensure that I will do everything that I can to facilitate, encourage and guide you through the process in order to achieve your goal. I am multi-lingual and am fluent in Arabic and French as well as English.

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Take the hassle out of dispute resolution by getting in contact with Justicia Mediation today. Call us on 07368 224532. We can handle an extensive range of disputes.

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